Krishna Chaitanya Kotha

Technical Marketing Engineer

Technical Marketing Engineering

Krishna Chaitanya Kotha is a Technical Marketing Engineer with 13+ years of experience in Cisco’s Cloud Networking and Intent Based Networking Group (IBNG) groups. He specializes in Nexus Dashboard, Nexus Dashboard Insights, ACI, Automation and Programmability. Prior to joining Cisco, he worked as a Software Test Engineer at Brocade Communications and Network support on Cisco Routers and Switches at Statefarm Insurance. Krishna has a Master’s degree from Wichita State University Kansas. He holds certificates of written CCIE, CCNP, CCNA, DevNet Associate and AWS Solutions Architect.


January 13, 2022


Attaining Business Resiliency with Cisco Nexus Dashboard Insights

3 min read

Cisco Nexus Dashboard and Nexus Dashboard Insights provides new tools for visibility, trust, and automated troubleshooting that IT needs to maintain business resiliency.

September 18, 2020


API-Based Tools Make Cisco Device Management and Monitoring Easier

3 min read

See how you can use Cisco API tools to automate lab and demo reset processes, and configure devices or controllers to a base state while also monitoring the devices via Webex teams.

December 20, 2017


It’s time to move away from SNMP and CLI and use Model-Driven Telemetry

4 min read

Traditional features such as SNMP, CLI, and Syslog, used for collecting operational statistics from a network, have several restrictions due to the growth of the objects like IoT devices and cloud based applications. SNMP uses the pull model when retrieving data from a switch. This model cannot scale for today’s high-density platforms, and offers very […]