Jeevan Sharma

Senior Manager, Product Management

Cisco SD-WAN and Cloud Networking

Jeevan Sharma is Senior Manager, Product Management for Cisco SD-WAN and Cloud Networking. Jeevan has 20+ years of experience in the enterprise cloud networking industry and has worked at Cisco, A10 Networks, Brocade and Riverbed. Prior to joining Cisco, he led a team of cloud solution architects at A10 Networks driving cloud integrations for their Application Delivery business unit. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering from BIT, India and has an MBA from Santa Clara University and is also an AWS certified Cloud Practitioner


March 29, 2022


Modern Transit Architecture with Cisco SD-WAN Cloud OnRamp for Azure Virtual WAN

3 min read

The Cisco SD-WAN Cloud OnRamp with Azure Virtual WAN integration enables you to seamlessly extend your SD-WAN overlay into Azure and improves cloud connectivity from branch offices.

February 4, 2022


Cisco SD-WAN Expands Microsoft 365 Integration with Informed Network Routing for Microsoft Teams and SharePoint

4 min read

With the latest Cisco SD-WAN, Cisco is further expanding the Microsoft partnership to introduce integration for Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, the first and only SD-WAN vendor do so.

January 25, 2022


Boost Hybrid Workforce Productivity with Cisco SD-WAN and Webex

2 min read

Cloud OnRamp for SaaS, a feature of Cisco SD-WAN, delivers a seamless, consistent and high-quality user experience for services by segregating application traffic - like Webex - from generic internet traffic.