JP Vasseur

Cisco Fellow, Engineering

Machine Learning

JP Vasseur, PhD is a Cisco Engineering Fellow. Since joining Cisco in 1998, he has been working on a number of networking technologies, such as: IP/MPLS, Quality of Service, Traffic Engineering, network recovery, “The Internet of Things” (as the Chief Architect of the Internet of Things), Security, Wireless Networks. From 1992 to 1998, he worked for Service Providers in large multi-protocol environments. He is an active member of the Internet Engineering Task Force (co-author of more than 35 IETF RFCs, funders and co-chair of several Working Groups such as the PCE and ROLL WG), and an active member in several SDOs. JP has been leading world-class engineering teams of advanced networking and Analytics/Machine Learning (Self Learning Networks, Cloud-based Machine Learning) with key applications such as Security, Wifi networks, Devices classification and SD-WAN to mention a few (network cognitive and predictive analytics). JP is a regular speaker at various international conferences; he is involved in various research projects in the area of IP/IoT/Security/ML and the member of a number of Technical Program Committees. JP Vasseur is also Associate Professor at Telecom Paris. He is the (co)inventor of more than 500 patents in the area of IP/MPLS, Security, The Internet of Things and Machines Learning / Analytics. He is the coauthor of “Network Recovery” (Morgan Kaufmann, July 2004), “Definitive MPLS Network Designs” (Cisco Press, March 2005) and "Interconnecting Smart Object with IP: The Next Internet (Morgan Kaufmann, July 2010 - http://www.thenextinternet.org/). JP receives an engineering degree in computer Science (France), a Master of Science in Computer Science (Steven - USA) and PhD in Networking (Mines-Telecom Paris – France).


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