John Oberon

Vice President

IoT Software Platforms

John Oberon is Vice President, IoT Software Platforms. John and his team work to enable Cisco’s Internet of Things (IoT) applications and SaaS offerings infrastructure, network, and platform services to run at the extreme edge/fog. Together, they are building a scalable and secure IoT infrastructure to handle vast amounts of data, regardless of where these smart things exist. His technology evangelism, creativity, broad knowledge around building and empowering strong teams, architectures, incubation, open-source management, platforms, and most importantly, his ability to connect the developer community will help Cisco’s customers and partners deliver business outcomes with IoT.

John’s background in music fuels his desire to create, devise, take things apart, harmonize, and innovate. He has 20 years of industry experience delivering innovative and complete lifecycle solution frameworks across the software industry. His experience ranges across myriad fields, from product design to development and business operations. Before Cisco, John was the Chief Architect, General Manager, and Vice President of Engineering at Mashery, an Intel business that is a leader in application programming interface services and governance. John’s vision helped Mashery focus specifically on balancing business and technology needs. His unique ability to build technical teams where innovation, risk taking, and agile development took first priority, helped lead Mashery’s engineering operations towards an enterprise-grade state that resulted in a successful acquisition by Intel.

Prior to Mashery, John was with Intuit, where his collaborative approach to technical innovation created an engineering environment that promoted innovation and problem solving. John also spent 12 years at Microsoft where he focused on developer-facing technologies including MSDN, SQL Server, and High Performance Computing. During Window 95’s beta phase, he was responsible for notoriously reverse engineering the UX for an uninstall application. John holds several patents, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from California State University, Chico.


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