Joe Silver


Cisco IT

Joe Silver is a 13-year veteran of Cisco IT.  Currently the program owner for the SDN initiative, he has served as senior manager in network services for Global Infrastructure Services and as a network engineer for WAN operations.  Before joining Cisco, Joe held multiple technical and support roles at Pacific Bell and AT&T. He is married and in his free time enjoys playing with his two young sons and training for marathons.  


July 31, 2013


SDN 101: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How to Do It

Despite all the buzz about software-defined networking (SDN), many organizations don’t yet have a clear idea of how it will benefit them. In this blog, I’ll tackle the what and why of SDN, and explain the different approaches you can consider. What: A Disruptive Approach to Network Control For the last quarter century, network devices […]