Javier Inclan

Product Marketing Manager

Cisco Security Marketing

Javier is a seasoned information security specialist and technologist with 15+ years of experience. In his current role as Product Marketing Manager at Cisco, Javier is passionate about helping customers understand how the emerging threats in the world can be prevented using the latest technology. He has collaborated with different YouTube technical channels where he talks about technology adoption in cybersecurity operations. Javier is a world traveler who enjoys meeting new people, hearing new perspectives, and playing volleyball at the beach!


June 22, 2023


Mastering the Hunt: Five Ways XDR Enhances Threat Hunting Strategies

Discover how combining threat hunting with XDR can enhance your organization's security posture and your ability to detect and respond to potential threats.

September 28, 2021


Control Across Your Hybrid Environments Using Cisco Secure Workload 3.6

Leverage application workload, coupled with coordinated policies across AWS’s Security Groups plus physical and virtual Cisco Secure Firewalls.

September 23, 2021


Mitigating Dynamic Application Risks with Secure Firewall Application Detectors

The new Secure Firewall Application Detectors portal, https://appid.cisco.com, provides the latest application risk information available in cybersecurity