Jeff Fawcett

Customer Solutions Director, Cisco Security Solutions

Jeff Fawcett, CISSP, CVI, is a Cybersecurity thought leader in the CISCO Security Solutions Group where he helps Global 500 customers with their executive level Cybersecurity strategy going out 3-5 years. By using a holistic Cybersecurity approach that also leverages their Cisco and security infrastructure to overcome emerging security challenges Jeff works with the customer’s Cybersecurity and IT teams creating their 3-5 year people, process, technology roadmap and point of view (POV). Jeff attends CISO conferences and customer meetings to hold discussions around leading practices that are effective practical approaches in solving the current and future challenges facing all of us. Jeff has held in the past Managing Partner, Director, and VP roles with CSC, Symantec, Altiris, and Novell. Jeff lives outside DC with his family.


January 8, 2019


Moving Towards The Zero Trust Cybersecurity Framework – A Practical Approach

The original Zero Trust model was conceived by Forrester, and leveraged by Google as part of their BeyondCorp initiative. Gartner has their framework called CARTA. These trust-centric approaches shift access decisions based on network topology to authorized users and devices. In this blog we will explore what you should consider when moving to a Zero Trust framework and how to get started.

August 25, 2018


Why Organizations With Sensitive Research or Intellectual Property Need a Zero Trust Cybersecurity Framework Approach

With Zero Trust moving you away from the perimeter security approach towards a framework protecting sensitive data, it opens up a number of situations...

July 18, 2018


Moving Towards The Zero Trust Cybersecurity Framework?

The first step should be an investigation and analysis of what your sensitive data is, where it lives, and who accesses it. Then analyze the three Foundational Pillars (see...

January 27, 2015


Reducing the Attack Surface: Takeaways from the 2015 Annual Security Report

As the Cisco 2015 Annual Security Report shows, current security approaches aren’t sufficient. Attackers are shifting methods and becoming more sophisticated in their approaches, users are unwittingly complicit enablers, and defenders struggle to keep up with all of these things. It is time for defenders to take a different approach to security that not only […]