Jatin Sachdeva

Consulting Systems Engineer – Security


Jatin Sachdeva has been working at Cisco as a Security Specialist for the last 13 years and is currently a Security Architect & Field Advisor for Cisco Australia and New Zealand. In his Security Architect role, he works with Cisco’s large and strategic clients, advising on security solutions and architectures, with a focus on cross-architectural, business as well as deep technology outcomes. As Field Advisor, Jatin is actively involved with Cisco’s product teams providing guidance on the security strategy and product futures and also actively provides guidance on technical enablement for Cisco's Systems Engineers. Jatin is an avid speaker at Cisco Live and other security industry events as well as local professional groups. He has been in the security industry for a total of 16 years. Prior to joining Cisco, Jatin has worked in security consulting, design, implementation and auditing. Jatin holds an engineering degree and maintains several industry level security certifications to have a vendor neutral view on all things security.


October 5, 2018


Next Gen Policy : Why Context is King!

With BYOD, virtualisation, cloud adoption, and IoT becoming commonplace in most organisations, users, devices and workloads are more dynamic than ever.

July 11, 2018


Security with Privacy – Solving the encryption problem without decryption

Cisco has also developed several mechanisms in core network infrastructure and services to help organisations detect threats and enforce AUP without breaking applications and user privacy.