Over the last decade, there have been a lot of advancements in business technology solutions. However, there is still a lot of hesitation from smaller and medium-sized businesses to adopt some of this technology. And look, we get it, adopting new technology can seem like a highly complex undertaking when you factor in setup, IT needs, and security. But you don’t need to have the resources of a Fortune 500 company to adopt a new suite of business solutions. In fact, one of the reasons why modern business technology solutions are so widely used by businesses of all sizes is that it’s never been simpler and more affordable to adopt cloud-based solutions.

With that in mind, we’d like to share five reasons why Cisco’s solutions are an ideal choice for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

1.   Cisco Features a Range of Business Technology Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses

Cloud-managed solutions are not just for large businesses. During the peak of Covid-19, many large and small and medium size companies relied on cloud communication and data storage to continue day-to-day business. This led to a huge ramp-up in SMB technology adoption, making it far more affordable and user-friendly than ever before.

Cisco offers a diverse portfolio of affordable products, such as Duo, Umbrella, and Meraki, that include entry-level options that safeguard your SMB from cyberattacks – no matter your team’s experience level. Our wide range of solutions is optimized for easy deployment, integration, and management, meaning your SMB doesn’t need a robust IT team to deploy these products effectively.

2.   Cisco Security Products Are Affordable

All of your business data is vital and needs to be secure. That’s why Cisco has made our security services affordable for SMBs. We offer flexible solutions that not only protect your business’s data but provide cost savings as your company grows. For example, our security solutions for SMBs help save money by eliminating the need to purchase a security package in times of growth.

Features in our platforms, like vital multi-factor authentication (MFA), have also been proven to save businesses on operational costs. Sentara Healthcare reduced its operational costs and time to market by 75% when it switched to Cisco Duo over its existing MFA solution.

Finally, Cisco provides a team of experts that work with you every step of the way. We’ll help you determine which Cisco product is the right fit for your SMB – whether you’re starting from scratch or building on your existing IT infrastructure.

3.   Cisco Services Are Easy to Implement

You don’t need to be an IT expert or hire a professional IT team to deploy Cisco products. It’s far better for your business that you have access to user-friendly products that require little onboarding. This is why we are focused on providing products that are easy to deploy and feature intuitive dashboards that simplify management of your IT infrastructure.

Cisco’s business technology solutions for SMBs are easily tailored to accommodate any sized team. This is especially important for SMBs that don’t have access to large in-house IT and security teams. You won’t have to worry about hardware installation or manual software updates. Our team will provide setup support from day one to empower you to stay connected and protected without overburdening your technical staff.

4.   Cisco Services Keep Your Data Safe

The benefit of cloud-based solutions is that they keep your data in one place that can easily be accessed by multiple devices from anywhere. Employees can get secure access to company data from virtually anywhere. Cloud-based storage also allows you to safely house your data without needing on-premise storage solutions that take up physical space and require in-house IT to monitor and manage.

Understandably, the idea of storing your data in the cloud can lead to a bit of anxiety. However, it’s important to understand that utilizing cloud-based storage is not like housing gold in a storage unit – it’s more like Fort Knox, with several security features actively protecting your data from cybersecurity threats.

Cisco services like Duo and Umbrella DNS cloud security ensure only the right people get access to your data. Other Cisco solutions, like Meraki, use out-of-band management architecture, which is a fancy way of saying only your management data (configuration files, statistics, monitoring information, etc.) will make its way through the Meraki cloud.

5.   Cisco Solutions Are Flexible

For small and medium businesses that have existing digital solutions they rely on, Cisco products are designed to work seamlessly with those services. For example, Cisco recently partnered with Microsoft, allowing our video devices to register natively with Microsoft’s Azure so people can easily jump from one platform to another.

On the security front, you can integrate Cisco Duo into your existing network sign-on application or leverage a another cloud-delivered solution, Umbrella, with your current infrastructure. It’s just another way our solutions help take your security to the next level.

Whatever your needs are, our team is here. If you need help deciding which Cisco business
technology solution to chose for your SMB, contact a Cisco expert today.



Ian Thompson

Leader, SMB Marketing

Americas Growth Marketing