Gretchen Sleeper

Business Operations Manager

WW Sales - Digital Platforms

Gretchen Sleeper is the platform owner for Cisco’s global SEA (Sales Enablement Automation) platform - SalesConnect. She leads a team that partners with Cisco’s Sales, Customer Experience and Partner organizations to deliver a digital enablement platform that empowers Cisco’s sellers and partners with sales collateral, training and customer insights needed to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Gretchen is a pioneering leader with sales strategy, financial analysis, sales enablement and account development expertise. She has successfully led multiple transformational programs from the restructure of the global new hire on-boarding program to the development of a tax model that led to millions in corporate savings. She is a “fire fighter” known for her ability to take on the most complex challenges and deliver exceptional outcomes. Before joining Cisco, she held ever advancing roles in sales and served 6-years as a director and strategy consultant at Wells Fargo. She is committed to the community and has previously served on the boards of Make-a-Wish Foundation (Greater Bay Area) and the National Association for Equal Opportunity in High Education. Gretchen holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of California – Berkeley, a Masters in Program Management from Stanford University, is a Prosci certified change manager and an alum of the Leadership San Francisco program.


January 14, 2020


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