Frank Nebgen

Lead for Sustainability

Country Plan Execution

“I truly believe in people and love to look beyond the obvious” Frank Nebgen is an accomplished Business Development Manager & strategy consultant with experience on sustainability and IT solutions to Enterprise and Financial Services Industry clients. Fascinated with finding solutions to sustainability-related challenges by applying technological and innovative solutions. Inspired by driving the sustainability transformation of organizations in order to make them thrive and stay ahead the curve. And always with the aim to leave our children a good, livable, peaceful and healthy world, where equality and prosperity for all is an inviolable good.


June 29, 2021


The era of the office as we knew it is over

4 min read

For the office to have a future, it must offer employees added value. Collaboration software and a laptop are no longer enough to be effective and productive in and out of the office. It has to be completely rethought.

Vitra & Cisco – Space Meets Technology

2 min read

The future of work is associated with a certain degree of uncertainty. Thanks to new Cisco technologies, “working from anywhere, anytime” is possible today.

April 19, 2021


5G and Wi-Fi 6 for banks? That makes perfect sense!

4 min read

5G is thirteen times faster than 4G, and Wi-Fi 6 is three times as powerful as its predecessor, 802.11ac. Together they create a reliable, high-performance infrastructure to enable future network traffic. Discover their role in financial services here.

April 13, 2021


Digital POS brings people to the bank branch

4 min read

Today customers want to be addressed and looked after using modern means. The digital POS offers a new possibility. This allows banks to provide a kind of virtual branch - anywhere they want.

April 26, 2021


The bank of the future at the push of a button

4 min read

Online banking has almost become the standard, so that banks are using fewer and fewer employees on site. But many customers still want personal advice in the branch. Ratiodata Video Consult offers a practical solution here.