Fausto Vaninetti

Technical Solutions Architect

EMEAR Specialists - Datacenter

Fausto Vaninetti is a senior Technical Solutions Architect for Datacenter technologies at Cisco Systems. With over 20 years of experience in the ICT sector, his primary focus is on storage networking, datacenter optical interconnection, unified computing and converged architectures. During his tenure at Cisco, Fausto also worked on some high performance computing and cloud projects. He has been a speaker at several events including CiscoLive, EMC World, IBM STGU, etc. He also authored or contributed to several whitepapers, blogs and books around Cisco technologies. He is currently part of Cisco EMEAR datacenter technical sales organization and based off the Milan office, Italy. Before joining Cisco, he was a Research and Development engineer on optical components and DWDM platforms at Pirelli Optical Systems. He has also been serving as secretary and director board member at SNIA EMEA organization. Fausto holds a master degree in Electronic Engineering from Polytechnic Institute of Milan.


April 6, 2021


Congestion: SAN compared to a Highway System – Part 1

SAN congestion is a real challenge and can manifest in different ways. In order to exemplify the concepts, we compare the SAN to a highway system. This blog has two parts.

January 27, 2021


DCNM SAN Insights: Deep Fabric Visibility with Scalable Self-Learning Technology

DCNM SAN Insights can turn an elephant of data streamed out of MDS switches into nice charts for troubleshooting and performance analyses. IO flows are self-learned and at scale.