Eyal Dagan

Executive Vice President

Strategic Projects

Eyal Dagan is the EVP of Strategic Projects where he focuses on helping Cisco navigate the fast-paced changes in technology to ensure that Cisco’s legacy of innovation and leadership in the tech industry continues. He has been in the role since March 2024. Previously, he was EVP of the Common Hardware Group (CHG) where he was responsible for delivering the silicon, hardware systems and optics for Cisco’s switching, routing, optical, cable access and IoT portfolios. Prior to that, he was the SVP of the Core ASIC Group (CAG) within CHG. Eyal came to Cisco in March 2016 via the Leaba Semiconductor acquisition. He was Leaba Co-founder and CEO. Prior to co-founding Leaba, he was a VP & GM at Broadcom (switching/routing DNX line). Prior to Broadcom, he was CEO & Co-Founder of Dune Networks, which was acquired by Broadcom in 2009. Eyal has more than 25 years of senior-level management and engineering experience in the semiconductor industry. In the 90s, he was VP R&D at MRV Communications, a private company that went public in that decade. At MRV, he led the engineering effort of Ethernet switching and Optical Transport. Eyal holds several patents in the area of computer architecture and networking. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Applied Science (BASc), summa cum laude in computer science and a master’s degree in Computer Science both from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.


October 25, 2021


Cisco Silicon One’s Lead Continues Growing

3 min read

Today we expand the Cisco Silicon One portfolio with our latest addition, Cisco Silicon One P100 -- a 19.2 Tbps routing device enabling the highest bandwidth fixed systems and modular line cards. We also expanded the G100 to enable the highest bandwidth, fully scheduled fabric element.

October 22, 2020


One Architecture on Multiple Devices with No Compromise

3 min read

Today we expand the Cisco Silicon One portfolio from a primarily routing focused solution to include the entire web scale switching market. With six new 7nm devices released in under 10 months from our initial launch, we now cover the entire space from 3.2T to 12.8T and across routing and web scale switching. All this with a fully unified architecture, SDK, and P4 forwarding code offers convergence without compromise.