Evonne Johnson

Director, Webex Intelligence

Webex Intelligence

Evonne leads the Webex Intelligence team at Cisco – a team of artificial intelligence, data engineering and machine learning experts defining the future of collaboration through intelligence.

Prior to Cisco, Evonne led Product at relationship intelligence startup Accompany, acquired by Cisco in 2018.

Evonne was Director, Acquisitions at RPX, patent intelligence & risk management firm, from startup through IPO.

She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BS in Management Science & Engineering from Stanford University.


June 3, 2019


The Future of Collaboration: Real-Time Artificial Intelligence Insights at Your Fingertips

2 min read

With the acquisition of Accompany in 2018, Cisco became the proud owner of an AI-driven database filled with insights and profiles for millions of people and companies. These profiles...