Edwin Zhang


Software Development

Edwin Zhang is the director of software development and user experience for Cisco DevNet team based in San Jose, CA. He is an award-winning (Red Dot Award) experience expert and technology innovator. As an R&D leader in last 10 years, he has been driving innovations in multiple fields such as user experience (UX), gamification, internet of things (IOT), augmented reality (AR), cloud app development and so on. He has 20+ filed patents and pending patents, 5 papers, and 1 book chapter.


October 29, 2020


Design Thinking Leads to Innovative Solutions

Design Thinking takes on a critical role when you’re building automated solutions, or using Cisco software and APIs to extend open platforms into new areas of business. Listen in as we discuss with Cisco Champions.

August 31, 2017


Are You a “Design Thinker?” (Clue: It’s Not Just for Designers)

Have you heard the term, “Design Thinking?”  Cisco and other forward thinking companies are investing in tools and teams to create Design Thinking frameworks, and spread Design Thinking methods further and faster across their companies. Design Thinking is not just for designers. It’s an approach to problem-solving and innovation that can be employed by any […]