Ed Weadon

Sr. Network Engineer

I am a network engineer, a cyclist, a foodie, a husband, animal lover, music lover, and curious traveler. I always travel with a towel. I have the answer, it is 42. And always remember, DON’T PANIC.




May 25, 2015


Cisco Live – It’s All About Networking

3 min read

We are just a few weeks away from what has become my favorite event of the year: Cisco Live. I’ve been attending Cisco Live consistently for the last several years and this year I will be attending as a NetVet for the first time. What has kept me coming back year after year and, this […]

November 13, 2014


The Evolution of Branch Connectivity

3 min read

Over the past few weeks I’ve had the chance to come up from my rabbit hole of deployment projects and catch up on the tech news. In particular, the announcement at Interop New York where Cisco announced the new ISR 4400 family of routers along with a few other articles got me to thinking about how far branch office connectivity […]