Dattatri Mattur

Sr. Director Engineering

Cloud and Compute Engineering

Dattatri Mattur is a Senior Director at Cisco’s Common Hardware Group and has been with Cisco since 1999. During his 23 years at Cisco, Dattatri has led several industry-leading product development across Enterprise, Security, and Compute space. Dattatri, currently heads the Hardware engineering for Cloud and Compute Group. Dattatri works across SW, ASIC, Product management, Manufacturing, Supply chain, Customer support, and Component suppliers to realize next generation products to optimize across various customer segment and deployment.


April 13, 2022


Liquid Cooling for Computers is Cool Again – Here are the Reasons Why

4 min read

Third blog in the "Future of Hardware" series, we take a deeper look into recent advancements in liquid cooled computing technology.

February 16, 2022


Disaggregating Memory May be the Most Exciting Trend for Computing System Design Right Now

4 min read

Just throwing more resources at difficult and complex challenges in high performance computing design willy-nilly can often be an inefficient solution. If the resources are not used smartly and efficiently, it can lead to a lot of waste and excess. A relevant example is internal storage in computing systems. In my first blog in this three part series, I discussed the rapid growth of key performance metrics across CPU/GPU cores, memory, network throughput, storage capacity, and peripheral interconnects. These numbers certainly attest to the sheer scale that the compute industry is willing to throw at the problem of how to support the explosion of workloads and applications that we are experiencing with the mainstream adoption of cloud, mobile, and social technologies. In this second blog in the series I talk about how memory upgrades in high performance computing design today are changing the rules of the future of hardware game.

January 24, 2022


Today’s Advancements in Compute Hardware Can Power the Next Generation of ‘Moonshots’

3 min read

Many computing performance advancements have been added to the latest Cisco UCS X-Series since its first iteration in 2009, thanks to the technological evolution of computer hardware in the industry today compared to yesteryear.

June 29, 2021


Cisco UCS C245 M6 server based on AMD EPYC sets 14 world records

2 min read

Nothing is hotter than the 14 new SPEC.org world-record benchmarks just delivered by the Cisco UCS C245 M6 Server based on 3rd generation AMD EPYC™ CPUs.