World Records

Summer temperatures are heating up. However, nothing is hotter than the 14 new SPEC.org world-record benchmarks just delivered by the Cisco UCS C245 M6 Server based on 3rd generation AMD EPYC™ CPUs.

We have world records across a range of benchmarks showing that UCS C245 M6 server is a versatile platform for almost any application. Let’s start with raw CPU performance, as measured by SPEC CPU® 2017. Applications like SAP benefit from the integer performance. Scientific software has an affinity for floating-point performance. SPEC CPU measures that. In a world of complex, distributed software applications, you need a way to assess middleware performance. SPECjbb®2015 measures Java enterprise middleware performance.

Cisco UCS C245 M6

Cisco can get this differentiated performance due to unique design of several hardware and firmware elements. The CPU voltage regulator to deliver load step and load release current for CPU transient current, which is over and beyond the CPU power requirements, achieving a dual socket CPU interconnect speed (XGMII2) of 18GT/s on a complex cost-effective PCB layout and a system level thermal design that can operate, handle and sustain peak performance within the thermal operating region. This in conjunction with BIOS tuning helped exceed and beat SPEC performance numbers compared to any other competitive solution out there in the field.

“The 3rd Gen AMD EPYC processors provide exceptional performance across a variety of enterprise, HPC and cloud workloads,” said John Morris, CVP, AMD Enterprise and HPC Server Business at AMD. “The processors are a great choice for Cisco customers that want impressive performance, up to 64 cores per processor, 128 lanes of PCIe Gen4, and innovative security features that when combined with Cisco UCS, brings compute-intensive workloads to life.”

Using industry-standard benchmarks is both a great way to provide performance guidance for many workloads but also compare server performance. Modern apps are very diverse and having a system that can perform well in so many areas is critical to delivering outstanding app performance and end-user experiences.

If you need to replace older servers, the UCS C245 M6 is a great option. Depending upon the age of the server, you could reduce the number of servers by 80% with the same level of performance providing significant cost savings in software licensing, power, and cooling.

Cisco Intersight

Leveraging the power of IntersightIt isn’t just the excellent performance that sets our servers apart – it’s the simplicity and scalability of our operating model. The UCS C245 M6 has native integration into Cisco Intersight cloud operations platform, making it easier for customers to access and deploy innovative AMD EPYC processor features such as Secure Encrypted Virtualization (commonly referred to as SEV) as policy elements in their application architectures.

Customers like Geographic Solutions, Resolute Mining, BVN, Wesfarmers Chemicals, and Energy & Fertilisers to name a few have all seen the operational and business benefits of Intersight.


Additional resources

While you’re trying to stay cool out there this summer, surf our website for more information on Cisco’s AMD EPYC processor-based servers. For details on the entire UCS server portfolio and Intersight, head on over to https://www.cisco.com/go/ucs.


Dattatri Mattur

Sr. Director Engineering

Cloud and Compute Engineering