Dakota Lovins

Global Sponsorship Marketing

Brand Marketing

I first joined Cisco as a Marketing Intern in the summer of 2020, where I expertly navigated working remotely from my Mom’s closet while my niece and nephew searched the house for me so they could ask for jelly beans. I learned a lot – most notably that the green ones were our favorite. I graduated from Arizona State University that winter with a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing, and I returned to Cisco full-time in January 2021. I’m very fortunate to be a part of the Global Sponsorship Marketing team, where I help support our partnerships with Live Nation, League of Legends, Hello Sunshine, and more. I’m a proud native of the PNW, but I’ve been lucky enough to live all over the country – including in Denver, Dallas, Philadelphia, Boston, and Phoenix. Currently, I work remotely and reside in Spokane, Washington. My office is no longer my Mom’s closet (I’ve upgraded to the dining room), but I’m still spending lots of time eating jelly beans with my niece and nephew. In my free time, you can usually find me at the movies, watching or talking baseball (go Mariners!), writing, reading, playing music, or hiking.