Dharmesh Malhotra

Managing Director Service Provider, ASEAN

Dharmesh Malhotra is responsible for Service Provider business for ASEAN in Cisco. Dharmesh brings with him an experience of 25 years in Telco, IT and Engineering markets, working across Telco and Enterprise sectors, and managing businesses in Asia Pacific and Europe.

Dharmesh recently joined Cisco from Nokia Networks, where he led Nokia’s Indonesia business for the past3+ years. He has been in the ASEAN region for the last 8+ years in various roles, handling Nokia Networks business in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore. Prior to working at Nokia, Dharmesh was with IBM.

Dharmesh has vast experience in Mobility,Services, Systems Integration and Software and a strong understanding of the Service provider business.

Dharmesh enjoys hiking, cricket, tennis and golf. He is married and has two wonderful teenage children.


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November 12, 2018


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