Debbie Gililland

Director, Marketing and Operations

Industry Solutions Group – Ecosystems Team

Debbie is the Director of Ecosystem Marketing & Operations in the Industry Solutions Group at Cisco. Taking a vertical approach, her team is focused on driving marketing with strategic partners who will help Cisco make the Internet of Everything (IoE) a reality. Her team is also responsible for group business reporting, and innovative tools and operations processes.

Debbie is a seasoned marketer who spent the first part of her carer in account management, product management and marketing communications leadership roles in hard drive and telecommunications companies. After years of working primarily with customers and products, she decided to move into the exciting world of strategic partnering and worked with number of IT strategic alliances. Debbie is passionate about partner ecosystems, data-driven marketing, and team optimization.

She has her B.S. In Marketing from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and her MBA from San Jose State University. She is married with two sons and enjoys tennis, hiking, skiing, traveling and cooking with friends and family.


December 15, 2014


When Partner Ecosystem Marketing Feels A Lot Like Walking a Tightrope

2 min read

Ecosystem marketing manages a difficult balance between touting the virtues of the whole ecosystem and showing the value of individual partner relationships. It’s a tightrope and often somebody feels slighted if you are not careful in your approach.

October 21, 2014


Six “Must-Do”s for Successful Ecosystem Marketing

3 min read

A partner ecosystem is not just a list of partners. It’s a portfolio of select partners who are selected because of the value they add from one or more of these perspectives: technology, integration, influence, go-to-market, or market access.