Dave Dukinfield

CX Product Manager
Customer Experience SP Practice

Dave Dukinfield is a CX Product Manager on Cisco’s CX SP Practice team, which drives the new product development ‘engine’ that enables us to develop cross-architectural offers in Web, Mobility, SP Security, SP analytics and automation that create unique, transformational value for our Service Provider customers, especially Web, Telco/Mobile and Cable SPs.

Dave has driven and deployed several solutions into national 4G networks. These include:

• Design and deploy of security solutions for green field 4G network in Japan for Rakuten

• Design and deploy of security solutions for ATT Mexico

• First NFV based IMS Core (MME/SAEGW/PCRF/HSS/ePDG/Switching Routing Core) at Sprint using Cisco UCS/VIM/VNFM/Network Orchestrator

• First iOS and Android VoWiFi based on ASR5500 ePDG/PGW at Sprint

• UE Relay back haul replacement design, integration and deployment at Sprint

• Common PGW design, integration and deployment at Sprint

• Sprint SmartConnected City KCMO design, testing and deployment based on Cisco Universal SP WiFi incl. Sprint Mini Macro Licensed Radio insertion.

Before Dave began supporting Wifi and Small Cell/3G/4G cellular networks for Cisco/Starent Networks, he helped develop, deploy and support a high-density, next generation security access gateway for Stoke (Now Mitel) and OFDM-based 4G networks for Flarion (acquired by Qualcomm).

Dave was also instrumental at Cisco in the newly formed Services Providers group that designed and deployed such Internet backbone networks as UUNET, AOL, BBN, Compuserve and DIGEX.

Additionally, Dave’s background in RF and physics were utilized in the development and deployment of Airborne RADAR for both the Air Force (AWACS) and the Navy (E-2C Hawkeye).

He’s an avid cook and enjoys comedy, both improv and stand up.

Technology Expertise:

• Cellular EPC, RAN and associated sub systems

• Security Products, Solutions and associated sub systems

• SP WiFI and associated sub systems

Certifications, Publications, and Patents Held:

• System and method for subscriber mobility in a cable network environment (Patent number: 8902815)

• Connection Pass-Through to Optimize Server Performance (Publication info: WO0060825 (A1) ― 2000-10-12)


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