Daniel Etman

Product Marketing Director

Cisco's Cable Access Business

Daniel Etman is the Product Marketing Director for Cisco's Cable Access Business Unit. In this role he is involved in both inbound and outbound marketing for Cisco’s Cable Access product portfolio. Prior to taking on responsibility for the BU's Product Marketing team he led the Business Development teams for the EMEAR and APJC region for the Service Provider Infrastructure group that included the SP Routing and Cable product portfolio. Prior to that Daniel held various leadership roles in the networking and telecommunications industry.

Although a native of the Netherlands, Daniel now lives in Belgium with his wife and four children.


December 2, 2016


Cloud Native CMTS, Next Gen Virtualization for Cable Access

Virtualization is an overloaded word. Originally it was used to describe a form of hardware emulation, but these days it appears that any form of software abstraction is called “virtualization”. In the context of the CMTS the term cloud native more accurately describes the upcoming evolution of the CMTS than virtualization. Cloud native is becoming […]

November 28, 2016


DAA for Cable Access, separating myths from reality

Tasked with answering the question of “Why is a Remote PHY Architecture is better than a Remote MAC/PHY architecture” it would be prudent to articulate first what advantages Remote PHY has to offer over other proprietary solutions and let the readers draw their own conclusion. Let’s first call out immediately that the only ratified specification […]