Dan Hanson

Senior Director, UCS and Intersight Product Management

Data Center: Cloud and Compute

Dan Hanson is a Senior Director within Cisco System’s Computing Systems Product Group. He leads the Unified Computing System & Intersight product management and technical marketing organization which defines the architecture, capabilities, and definitions of the product line. He helps consumers understand and effectively utilize the capabilities that this product set provides within the greater Cisco data center, and industry multi-cloud vision. Mr. Hanson has spoken at multiple Cisco and other vendor events and is the author of numerous papers and design guides relating to networking, compute, server virtualization, UCS architectures, server integration into large corporate data center infrastructures, software defined infrastructure, and the larger architectural vision of Cisco’s data center efforts. Mr. Hanson spent over 13 years as a customer, designing and supporting various network, security, storage, and compute datacenter efforts at midsize and multiple Fortune 50 corporations. Mr. Hanson has designed and engineered the deployment of enterprise, service provider, and hosting provider Virtual Private Data Center and Private Cloud efforts. These efforts included deployment with and integration into various orchestration platforms (commercial and private) that encompassed not only Compute, but also programmable DC fabric, Virtualized Network Services, DC security, rapid scale-up/scale-down, monitoring, SLA enforcement, multi-site and other technologies. This experience allows a very deep consumption viewpoint into the technical underpinnings of all Cisco DC offerings. Mr. Hanson holds a BS in Electronics Engineering from North Dakota State University, and an MS in Electronics Engineering from Purdue University. Mr. Hanson is an 20-year Cisco veteran, and 22-year CCIE. CCIE #4482


July 30, 2020


Introducing the Cisco C240 SD M5 Server for the Performance Edge

The new Cisco C240 SD M5 introduces a solution for computing closer to the edge, without sacrificing on performance, features, security, and storage. When combined with Cisco Intersight customers have a method to operate at scale outside of the curated DC environment.