I have the privilege of interacting with many customers on a regular basis in my role as the Chief Technology Officer of the Cisco Cloud & Compute organization. It’s one of the real perks of my job and I love being able to serve them to the best of my capacity. I do have to say that the conversations I’ve had in 2022 have been interesting, to put it mildly. These discussions regularly intertwine standard technology talks with global events like the energy crisis, supply chain constraints, labor shortages, and hybrid/remote work. The lead-up to Y2K is the last time that comes remotely close to 2022, where technology and life events crashed headlong into each other.

There is no doubt that each of these issues presents unique challenges for IT Infrastructure & Operations teams. But in their own way, I think they are helping to shape a more positive future of data centers and hybrid clouds for the next decade to come. That’s because these customers are now open to abandoning status quo thinking in favor of more innovative, future-ready approaches.

I recently published two blogs, one on the future of hardware design & operations and a corollary on software innovation and operations. In the upcoming CiscoChat, I have invited two Cisco experts to join me in an open discussion on a host of related topics including:

  • Alternatives to legacy compute design and operations,
  • The critical role of software in driving advanced hybrid cloud management,
  • Strategies and tools for more operating more energy-efficient data centers.

Please join me and my expert panel on Thursday Nov. 3 starting at 10 AM PT for our next #CiscoChat discussing the Future of Compute Design and Operation for Hybrid Cloud. You can get more information here or cick the link below. Please make sure to take a second and click the “attend” button.


The Future of Compute Design & Operation for Hybrid Cloud

Thu 11/3 – 10 AM PT





Dan Hanson

Senior Director, UCS and Intersight Product Management

Data Center: Cloud and Compute