Cristina Lasagni

Sales Collaboration Specialist

EBG EMEA Collaboration - Sales & Sales Engineer - UK Other

Cristina Lasagni is a Sales Collaboration Specialist, supporting UK and Ireland customers as a business and a technology consultant.

As a subject matter expert in Collaboration Technology she advises partners on their go to market strategies and train them on the latest and greatest solutions.

Having joined Cisco in the Netherlands through the Cisco Sales Associate Program, now based in UK, and being born and raised in Italy, Cristina brings to Inclusion and Diversity the voices of the countries she's been living in.

With a Master degree in Telecommunications Engineering with Honors, she's passionate about advocating women leadership in the IT industry, contributing to a healthy multicultural environment and promoting young talents.

In her spare time she blogs in Woman in Technology as a guest blogger, she loves learning new languages (proficiency in italian, spanish, english are in her portfolio, proficiency in french is on its way), she practice lots of sports (name it, she's in ), she's into photography and she loves playing guitar.


November 18, 2012


To Bias or Not to Bias…

3 min read

” We do not see things as they are, we see things as WE are” – Anais Nin A bias is a simplification that our brain goes through when we are in front of a situation we’ve been before. In that instance we rush decision and even behave inappropriately based on different elements like sex, […]