Craig Hill

Distinguished Systems Engineer

U.S. Public Sector, CTO Office

Craig Hill has been working at Cisco for 24 years and is a Distinguished Systems Engineer in the U.S. Public Sector CTO office, with a focus in designing large-scale end-to-end architectures in DoD/Intelligence networks and large enterprises.

Current focus areas include large-scale WAN designs, SD-WAN transitions, high-speed encryption, cloud network architectures, and incorporating NetDevOps tools and concepts into network operations. Craig is a 22 year CCIE (#1628 Emeritus) in Routing and Switching, a 10 year speaker at Cisco Live, and is based out of the Cisco office in Herndon, VA.


November 28, 2022


Securing Multiple Data Centers: Our Results Using MACsec Over the Equinix Fabric

Securing multiple data centers can be full of pitfalls. That's why we teamed with Equinix for a real-world test of MACsec. Preview the results.

August 21, 2019


Network automation: offering choices now key

Moving your IT organization to network automation and programmability now requires offering choices based on three key options.

September 6, 2017


Prevent an Encryption Bottleneck on High-Speed Links

Common encryption security protocols can slow down high-speed network links, but there is an alternative that lets them fly.

June 15, 2017


Moving From CLI to Automation? You Have Choices.

Transforming an IT operation takes skill. Fortunately, agencies have choices of solutions to match their teams' capabilities.