Craig Hill

Distinguished Systems Engineer

U.S. Public Sector, CTO Office

Craig Hill has been working at Cisco for 24 years and is a Distinguished Systems Engineer in the U.S. Public Sector CTO office, with a focus in designing large-scale end-to-end architectures in DoD/Intelligence networks and large enterprises.

Current focus areas include large-scale WAN designs, SD-WAN transitions, high-speed encryption, cloud network architectures, and incorporating NetDevOps tools and concepts into network operations. Craig is a 22 year CCIE (#1628 Emeritus) in Routing and Switching, a 10 year speaker at Cisco Live, and is based out of the Cisco office in Herndon, VA.


November 28, 2022


Securing Multiple Data Centers: Our Results Using MACsec Over the Equinix Fabric

2 min read

Securing multiple data centers can be full of pitfalls. That's why we teamed with Equinix for a real-world test of MACsec. Preview the results.

August 21, 2019


Network automation: offering choices now key

5 min read

Moving your IT organization to network automation and programmability now requires offering choices based on three key options.

September 6, 2017


Prevent an Encryption Bottleneck on High-Speed Links

2 min read

Common encryption security protocols can slow down high-speed network links, but there is an alternative that lets them fly.

June 15, 2017


Moving From CLI to Automation? You Have Choices.

4 min read

Transforming an IT operation takes skill. Fortunately, agencies have choices of solutions to match their teams' capabilities.