Across both the Public and Private Sectors, the conversation around hybrid work is evolving with the greater widespread adoption of hybrid work as the new norm.

The narrative is shifting from solving the challenges of remote work and bringing employees safely back to the office to thriving and innovating in this new work paradigm. However, a hybrid workforce comes with its own set of challenges. The rise in cybersecurity attacks aimed at the Public Sector has seen an increase in recent years, with growth in attacks such as third-party attacks, ransomware, and phishing attempts.

With the expanded attack surface brought about by the rise in devices, remote access, and the adoption of cloud-based services and applications, cybercriminals seek more opportunities to exploit a hybrid world.

Recently, I joined a two-part panel discussion on securing Government networks, as part of our #SecureGovernment series. In the first part, we discussed Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity in the Public Sector. In the second part of the discussion, we dove into securing hybrid work.

Hosted by Andy Lee, Managing Director of Cisco Singapore and Brunei Cisco, I was joined by Wendy Ng, Head of Cybersecurity Sales in Cisco Singapore. We spoke about how the Public Sector can defend a distributed workforce and enable security everywhere. The discussion centered around the goal of creating a secure, hybrid work environment for Public Sector employees to collaborate and work with the confidence of having secure connectivity. We share insights from working with Public Sector agencies on securing their hybrid work environment, how to manage the emerging risks with Zero Trust Security and SASE, and other best practices.

Check out the video here!

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Cheryl Teo

Sales Director

Public Sector, Singapore