Catherine Pitt

Customer Solutions Director


Cathy has worked in information technology for 35 years - over 20 of that focused on information security. Spending the better part of her IT career at Digital Equipment Corporation/Compaq/Hewlett Packard, moving to Cisco Systems in 2013, Cathy has functioned in several technical and leadership roles including Distinguished Technologist, Global Lead for HP’s Security Profession, Senior Security Consultant, CSO for the HP Global Solutions Labs, and Americas Security Services Program Manager.

She has a Masters in Computer Science Security, a Masters in Administration of Criminal Justice, a Masters in Business Administration, and a Bachelors degree in Management of Information Systems. She has spoken at several high profile conferences including the National HIPAA Summit and the Executive Women’s Forum and is the co-author of “Essential Information Security”, Van Haren Publishing, 2013 (ISBN: 9789087537364).

Cathy has worked as an adjunct professor in information security studies, as a P.O.S.T certified reserve deputy sheriff, and as an electronics technician in the Royal Canadian Navy. She has developed hundreds of hours of GRC-related courseware, and delivered thousands of hours of information security training to learners all over the globe. She lives and works from Elizabeth, Colorado and is an avid snowboarder, gardener, pistol shooter, and writer and she’s hoping to finish her Doctorate degree in Computer Science, Security someday soon!


July 23, 2014


The Earth Isn’t Flat and Your Network Shouldn’t Be Either

2 min read

Information is arguably one of any organization’s most valuable and business critical assets. Despite this, many information networks are, for all intents and purposes, flat networks. That is, networks with few flow controls over data which are then allowed to flow freely. This means that the most sensitive corporate or customer data moves through the […]

December 2, 2013


Where’s Our Grace?

2 min read

Every year in Scottsdale, Arizona, there’s a unique Information Security conference created by Joyce Brocaglia at ALTA, supported by a who’s who of InfoSec companies like Cisco, RSA, and Symantec, and attended by hundreds of some of the brightest people I’ve ever met. It’s no coincidence that they are all women because this is the […]