Brijesh Gajera

Software Engineer

Access Switching

Brijesh Gajera is a software engineer by profession and an outdoor enthusiast by passion. Currently he is part of 2K/3K/4K product team of Enterprise Switching Unit. His team is working on the next generation 2K switch. He is helping with bringing the new platform to life and see it the light of the day in the field.

Brijesh volunteers for various causes related to education, rural empowerment and environmental sustainability. He is part of Cisco Green Council, India chapter. He is also part of Employee Sports Committee which conducts various sports events for Cisco employees.

He is a long distance runner, cyclist and trekker. He has participated in more than 25 marathons in last 10 years, most notable of which is the prestigious Boston Marathon 2018. He has taken part in multi-day cycling tours in Western Ghats in South India, Indian Himalayas and Europe. He loves Himalayas and keeps visiting them for hiking, cycling and running which he terms as annual pilgrimages. He likes to mentor and coach the amateur long distance runners to help them achieve their goals - be it their first 5K/10K/Marathon or specific targets.

In his own words, “I am chasing the butterflies and the dreams as the sun rises and sets on horizon.”


October 2, 2018


The Teamwork of Marathons: Cisco Employees Train Together

2 min read

Brijesh shares the 4 things he learned after helping to train a fellow co-worker for the Mumbai Marathon. Now that's teamwork!