Bob Gault

Vice President

Cloud and Managed Services Partner Organization Cisco

Bob Gault, Vice President of Cisco’s Cloud and Managed Services Partner Organization, ensures that Cisco effectively addresses the go-to-market needs of all partners selling cloud and managed service offers globally. His team is responsible for accelerating the adoption of cloud and managed services into all segments of Cisco’s partner organization including service providers, system integrators, ecosystem partners, value-added resellers and distributors, strategic alliance partners, and independent software vendors (ISVs) around the world. His responsibilities also include developing, supporting, and executing on the architectural go-to-market strategy for partners who are selling into service providers; providing global governance and support.

Gault has more than 25 years experience in sales and marketing with service providers. In his 15 years at Cisco, he has held several positions within the Service Provider Channels and the Service Provider Direct Sales organizations, including sales and senior leadership positions working directly with AT&T, MCI, and Sprint.

Gault holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from West Chester University.


July 8, 2014


How Do Partners Make Money in this New Cloud World

3 min read

As the world has moved to a cloud-based IT model, the rules of the game have changed. This has led to a different way of thinking for CIOs and IT managers. Let’s face it, an IT manager doesn’t wake up and say, “I have to buy some virtualization today,” or “I have to buy a Disaster Recovery as a Service offering.”

April 17, 2014


When and How to Use Cloud

3 min read

One thing is clear to me. Managing IT is similar to playing a game of Jenga, which challenges players to build a stack of blocks then remove those blocks without being the one to knock the whole stack over. Whenever an IT manager wants to make a move or a change to any of the technology stacks in the IT infrastructure, it’s literally like pulling out a block without knocking the entire stack over. For this reason, many companies are taking advantage of cloud computing to automate and simplify their IT management.

March 24, 2014


Cisco Cloud Services Opens New Opportunities for Partners

2 min read

The market is moving fast and the pace of change is dramatic. The days of partners launching new services into the market every 6-12 months are gone. Customers are expecting new applications almost daily that will allow them to deliver innovation, increase top line revenue and accelerate productivity across their company.