Bill Friedman

Legal Director

Cisco Brand Protection

Bill Friedman is a Senior Director at Cisco in San Jose, CA and the head of Cisco’s Global Brand Protection team. Bill leads a team of over 40 professional tasked with monitoring and supporting Cisco’s authorized distribution channel, developing and implementing anti-counterfeiting measures, and developing and refining tools and controls to detect and deter fraud. Prior to running Cisco’s Brand Protection team, Bill worked for a decade as a Cisco in-house commercial litigator managing commercial litigation and business disputes, collaborating with Cisco business clients and outside attorneys to successfully manage and resolve commercial suits brought against Cisco, or prevent business disputes from devolving into litigation, where possible. Prior to joining Cisco in 2007, Bill was a litigation associate with Morgan Lewis, LLP in San Francisco from 2003 to 2007. Prior to Morgan Lewis, Bill was a litigation associate with the erstwhile Brobeck Phleger & Harrison firm in San Francisco. Bill is a 2001 graduate of the Boston College Law School, and a 1997 graduate of Brown University. Bill lives in Mountain View, California with his wife and two young kids.


January 23, 2018


Cisco Takes Action Against Counterfeiters to Protect Customers and Partners

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The Cisco brand signifies innovation and quality, and our products are in high demand throughout the world. While counterfeiters try to trade on our reputation, Cisco employs various anti-counterfeiting measures to protect our customers from the substantial risks of deploying counterfeit products in sophisticated networks.