Ben Dawson

Vice President

Cisco Australia and New Zealand

Ben Dawson is Vice President of Cisco Australia & New Zealand where he is responsible for delivering market leadership through the innovative utilisation and application of Cisco technologies and services, that help customers and partners to accelerate their digital agility, and grow. He leads a talented and diverse team across sales and marketing, customer experience, engineering and operations, including strategic country growth and investment initiatives. Ben is committed to driving the most trusted customer experience in the industry through Cisco’s innovation, choice and amazing people.


Building a Greener Future for Hyperscale Data Centers

4 min read

At Cisco, we have a long history of commitment to environmental sustainability and broader social responsibility ourselves. We're in lockstep fully aligned with our webscale customers' goals to build a more sustainable industry. And we can play a key role in creating a greener, cleaner, and more efficient foundation for tomorrow's hyperscale data centers.

Unleash Hyperscale Agility to Fuel Tomorrow’s Web Services

4 min read

In the market for cloud and digital services, speed kills. There’s just so much competition, so many organizations constantly pushing new solutions to meet changing customer needs. If you can’t get new digital products and features out the door quickly—if you can’t retool on the fly to capture new opportunities—you’re likely to get your lunch eaten by competitors who can.

February 20, 2020


Quenching the Never-ending Thirst for Capacity and Scale

5 min read

Here’s what we need: build a data center that can support billions of unique server sessions per day. Also, let’s have it bring up personalized images, video, and other rich media content for hundreds of millions of people, simultaneously, the second they hit our servers. Learn how Cisco is quenching the thirst for capacity and scale.

February 12, 2020


Rewriting the Rules for Webscale Networks

4 min read

It’s a new era, both for Cisco and the webscale companies working with us to shape the Internet of tomorrow. For the billions of people and millions of businesses that will depend on it, the timing couldn’t be better. Discover the ways webscalers are working with Cisco to rewrite the rules for data center agility, sustainability, and scale.

Cisco Live US — What, Where & Why Web Leaders Will Be There

2 min read

Virtualization has come to dominate computing and communications. But there's still nothing quite like meeting with your professional peers in person. Exchanging experiences. Learning. And having fun.