Anshul Singh

Black Belt Academy Project Manager

Global Partner Organization

Anshul Singh is a Black Belt Academy Project Manager. He manages and develop global partners development programs including strategy, analysis, design, launch and adoption. Collaborate with stakeholders to drive Black Belt impact through Cisco Partners & drive Implementation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) & BOT. Over his progressive career journey, Anshul has the experience of leading and nurturing teams, from hiring to training to supervising their operations & fostering process improvements. Anshul passionately feels, implementing modern solutions can transform & enhance the user enablement journey at Black Blet Academy.


January 19, 2023


Scale-up work efficiently with Automation

1 min read

Robotic process automation streamlines workflows, which makes organizations more profitable, flexible, and responsive. It also increases employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity by removing mundane tasks from their workdays.