Alistair McGrath

Broadband Strategy Lead

Mass Scale Infrastructure Group (MIG)

Alistair has over 20 years of business development and consulting experience in the Communications and IT sectors. He has worked with Governments and Service Providers around the world with a goal of improving broadband services. Since joining Cisco, Alistair was a Director in Cisco’s consulting team and led the global mobile practice. He has also worked in Emerging Markets with a focus on economic development and social inclusion. Since moving to the US, Alistair has led strategic planning for America’s Service Provider, and currently is the broadband strategy lead for mass scale infrastructure. Prior to Cisco, Alistair was a Director at Arthur Andersen’s Technology, Media, and Communications Practice in London. He was responsible for the strategy and business planning practice with a focus on new ventures in the liberalization of the telecoms market. Alistair has a BSc from St Andrew’s University, Scotland and an MBA from Cranfield School of Management, UK and the Washington University, USA.


October 4, 2023


Sustainable Tribal Broadband: The real challenge isn’t technology.

2 min read

A digital revolution is reshaping Tribal communities with sustainable broadband solutions, bridging gaps and fostering empowerment. Learn more about Cisco's involvement in the biannual summit of the National Tribal Telecommunications Association (NTTA).

December 20, 2022


Building a broadband ecosystem to bridge the digital divide

1 min read

Bridging the digital divide is a complex undertaking. To capture and accelerate the opportunity to build a more inclusive future we need to build an ecosystem for broadband and work through the complexities together.