In the U.S., broadband stimulus funding is providing a unique opportunity to bridge the digital divide and build a more inclusive future.

But bridging the digital divide is a complex undertaking. You need to apply different financial plans and funding models for specific broadband investment projects that connect your communities. You need to evaluate, select, and deploy a distinct set of technologies and operational expertise. And you need to ensure the long-term sustainability of your broadband infrastructure investment to meet the needs of your community today and ensure service innovation in the future.

No doubt, it takes a village to go from shovel-ready projects to meeting deployment milestones and delivering services. This is why, at Cisco, we believe that to capture and accelerate the opportunity to build a more inclusive future we need to build an ecosystem for broadband and work through the complexities together.

The ecosystem needs consulting partners, funding partners, infrastructure partners, design partners, construction partners, operating partners, and technology partners. Broadband networking advisors and consultants are critical players in this ecosystem.

Broadband ecosystem solutions

Here are three ways that an ecosystem for broadband can work together to help network providers and government agencies invest more cost-effectively in their broadband infrastructure so they can deliver subscriber experiences that are more accessible, secure, resilient, and sustainable.

  • Leverage network innovations that enable new broadband architectures and improve the economics of broadband networking. Cisco offers a broad portfolio of solutions for architecting next generation networks for cost-effectiveness and simplicity.
  • Explore partnerships that contribute industry expertise from broadband expansion to smart city initiatives to transportation and utility modernization. Discover how to tap into relationships that yield improvements in economic development, education, healthcare, and digital equity.
  • Take advantage of multiplier effects that will spur innovation and new services to transform communities. Cisco’s investments in digitization projects are accelerating broadband initiatives across government, education, healthcare, and other sectors.

To build this ecosystem, Cisco is inviting business and engineering broadband consultants to register for a virtual event on the 24th and 25th of January 2023.

Let’s create a more inclusive future together!

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Building the Internet for All


Alistair McGrath

Broadband Strategy Lead

Mass Scale Infrastructure Group (MIG)