Alex Romano

Web and Social Media Strategist
Social Media Communications, Corporate Communications.

Alex Romano works for the Social Media Communications Team in Corporate Communications at Cisco. He primarily focuses on social media/social technology, specifically ways to identify, explore and test new communication tools and platforms for News@Cisco ( as well as to educate the broader Cisco community.

Alex was born and raised in Syracuse, NY and graduated from SU in 2006 (Let's go Orange!) with a Bachelors of Science in Information Systems and Technology accompanied with a Management Studies minor. He moved out to San Jose, CA in the spring of 2008 and began working for Cisco shortly thereafter.

Alex has a strong desire to expand and develop new skill sets including, but not limited to, video creation and editing, user experience design, and application development.

Alex is also a Yankee fan....Alex apologizes in advance.

Please follow @arom1000 on Twitter to keep abreast of Cisco's progress in social media. Alex promises not to talk in the third person on Twitter.

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