AJ Wilcox

Owner and CEO


AJ Wilcox is owner and CEO of B2Linked.com, an agency that specializes in account management and consulting with LinkedIn Ads. The firm manages the largest LinkedIn Ads accounts worldwide (as well as some of the smallest and everything in between) and is the only agency that's an official Certified LinkedIn Partner. He specializes in marketing strategies that all B2B companies can and should be taking advantage of and is a frequent blogger and speaker on the power of LinkedIn advertising.


November 16, 2020


Bring Your A.M.O. to LinkedIn Ads

4 min read

Marketers, like you, are starting to get a lot more sophisticated about how they track down-funnel performance. Likely this trend will continue as business-to-business (B2B) clicks are $2-3 on Facebook and $9 to $10 on LinkedIn. While cost per click is significantly more, the quality of click and down-funnel lead is equally true on LinkedIn with the right A.M.O in place.