Alec Gleason

Security Architect

CX Assessment and Penetration Team

Alec Gleason is a Security Architect with Cisco's CX Assessment and Penetration Team and has been with the company since the acquisition of Neohapsis in 2015. As both Penetration Tester and an Architect, he splits his time between emulating an attacker to assess organization’s security posture, and reviewing the design and implementation of systems, networks, and defenses. While Alec's general focus is on application and network security, his recent work has been in Cloud security, where he deals with architectural, governance, and technical security concerns. Alec also develops penetration testing tools including a machine learning tool to reverse engineer automotive CAN networks, a tool to perform credential stuffing attacks on environments with large attack surfaces, and malware to assist Red-Team engagements. Alec has given many public presentations in the past including ones on DevOps issues, Web Application antipatterns, AI/ML Security, and creating effective vulnerability triage programs.


Risks of Artificial Intelligence for Organizations

7 min read

Artificial Intelligence is going to have a large impact on technology and society, but it will also carry some risks. In this article, I discuss some of the ways that AI and AI powered tools can be used in an organization, the risks of these tools, and several tips to help mitigate those risks.