Sidney Morgan

IT Customer Strategy Admin

Architect IT

Sidney Morgan is a Distinguished Engineer in Cisco IT’s Customer Strategy and Success group focusing on Data Center, Virtualization and Cloud Services. As a leading IT expert and champion for Cisco data centers, Sidney has proven himself to be a highly successful technical leader and innovator within the Customer Strategy and Success (CS&S) team and IT overall. He is an active contributor to Cisco’s internal cloud program and application consolidation into Cisco’s new active-active data centers in Texas, and is a highly sought-after speaker who regularly presents to executive-level and technical customers.

Before joining IT CS&S, Sidney led Cisco IT’s Services Oriented Data Center team, which was responsible for the architecture, design, build, and operation of Cisco next-generation data centers. Sidney contributed to Cisco’s long term data center strategy developing a multiple phase program to address Cisco’s data center capacity and business resiliency requirements. Sidney has been with Cisco for ten plus years in a variety of technical and managerial positions. Prior to joining Cisco, Sidney was the Global Datacom Manager at Sybase for six years where he was responsible for Sybase data centers and wide-area networks. Sidney is actively contributing to Cisco’s Internal Cloud Program and application consolidation into Cisco’s new active-active data centers in Texas.

Sidney holds a BSEE/MSEE degree from the University of San Diego, California.


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