Jeff Shipley

Manager, IntelliShield

Security Intelligence Operations

Jeff Shipley is the manager of the Cisco Security Intelligence Analysts team, responsible for the IntelliShield Alert Manager alerts and the weekly, Mid-Year and Annual Cisco Security Reports. A CISSP since 2002, Jeff is active in the security community with the ISSA, Infragard and IT-ISAC Technical Committee.

Prior to joining Cisco in 2006, Jeff retired after 20 years in the Army Intelligence and Security Command, worked as a Unix System Administrator, Senior Consultant, Security Analyst and Director of Intelligence with Cybertrust/TruSecure and ICSA labs.


August 10, 2015


Threat Vectors for Criminals: Common Coding Errors and Open-Source Vulnerabilities

Coding errors in software products provide easy paths of entry for online criminals, who can exploit vulnerabilities to compromise systems or launch additional attacks and malware. As reported in the Cisco 2015 Midyear Security Report, certain types of coding errors consistently appear on lists of most common vulnerabilities. This raises an important question for vendors […]

July 31, 2015


Changing the Way We Deliver Vulnerability and Threat Intelligence

We are making some changes to the way Cisco Security provides and shares vulnerability and threat intelligence to make it more consumable by our customers and the security community. The Cisco Security IntelliShield Service has been successfully delivering multi-vendor security intelligence to our customers for 15 years. During this time, the security intelligence market has […]

February 3, 2015


Cisco 2015 Annual Security Report: Java on the Decline as Attack Vector

As recently as 2013, vulnerabilities involving Java appeared to be a favored tool of adversaries: Java was easy to exploit and, and exploits involving the programming language were difficult to detect. However, as reported in the Cisco 2015 Annual Security Report, Java is losing its front-runner position as a favored tool of bad actors looking […]

August 14, 2014


Cisco 2014 Midyear Security Report: Focusing on Common Vulnerabilities is Smart Security Strategy

Enterprise security professionals have their hands full these days—monitoring networks for security breaches, managing the implications of “bring your own device” policies, and patching systems to combat “weak links,” or vulnerabilities that could allow online criminals to grant entry. Regarding this last task, security practitioners may be able to take an approach to addressing vulnerabilities […]

April 8, 2013


Cisco Live 2013 Orlando: Security Training and Breakout Sessions

The Security track of sessions for Cisco Live Orlando (June 23-27, 2013) includes 72 breakout sessions, 74 hours of labs and seminars, and 3 Product Solution Overview sessions, accounting for about 15 percent of all the content delivered at Cisco Live. This post summarizes a number of the sessions being presented by members of the Cisco Security Intelligence Operations (SIO) organization.