Cisco Live Orlando, June 23-27, 2013, is quickly approaching and registration is open. The Security track this year includes 72 breakout sessions, 74 hours of labs and seminars, and 3 Product Solution Overview sessions, accounting for about 15 percent of all the content delivered at Cisco Live. New for this year we will have several talks aimed at the network engineer in the role of a data analyst, helping them to better utilize and understand the data that comes from their networks (BRKSEC-2001, BRKSEC-2006, BRKSEC-2011, BRKSEC-2062, BRKSEC-3031, and BRKSEC-3062).

The Cisco Security Intelligence Operations (SIO) team will be presenting several Training and Breakout sessions, and be available for the Meet the Engineer and Table Top sessions this year:

  • LTRSEC-2014 – Basic Network Threat Defense, Countermeasures, and Controls
    Joseph Karpenko – Sr. Security Engineer, and Randall Ivener – Manager, SIO
    In this 4 hour instructor-led lab, attendees will learn about inherent security features and techniques on Cisco IOS Software, including Management Plane hardening, Infrastructure Access-lists, and Data Plane hardening. Attendees will acquire hands-on experience configuring and testing these inherent security features and techniques in simulated real world threat scenarios.
  • LTRSEC-2015 – Advanced Network Threat Defense, Countermeasures, and Controls
    Joseph Karpenko – Sr. Security Engineer, and Randall Ivener – Manager, SIO
    In this 4 hour instructor-led lab, attendees will perform the role of a Security Incident Response Investigator and must correctly detect, classify, and prevent threats targeting a network by configuring and deploying advanced threat defenses and countermeasures, such as Control Plane Policing, IOS NetFlow, and Remotely-Triggered Black Hole (RTBH) Routing on network infrastructure devices.
  • LTRSEC-2016 – Firewall Threat Defense, Countermeasures, and Controls
    Andrae Middleton – Security Engineer, and Panos Kampanakis – Consulting Engineer
    This instructor-led lab will provide administrators and engineers of Cisco Firewalls and Cisco next-generation Firewalls the knowledge and understanding to protect their networks against threats and attacks, leveraging industry standard and Cisco Best Practices. This includes understanding network and application layer threats, and applying security features and constructs to secure the traffic traversing and interfacing with your devices or hosts.
  • LTRSEC-3033 – IPv6 Network Threat Defense, Countermeasures, and Controls
    Panos Kampanakis – Consulting Engineer, and Dario Ciccarone – Incident Manager
    In this 4 hour instructor-led lab, students will become more knowledgeable about basic inherent IPv6 security features and techniques on Cisco IOS Software.
  • BRKSEC-2001 – Emerging Threats
    Jeff Shipley, Manager SIO
    Emerging Threats will take a holistic look at the latest cyber security risks and factors – criminals and cybercrime, activists, malware, botnets, social engineering, attack toolkits, the changing environment created by mobile, cloud computing and virtual environments, the government, law enforcement, and regulatory environments – and consider how these can influence current and future security decisions. Suggested enhancements in security designs, architectures, policies, and processes will be presented to assist decision makers, security, and network professionals in adapting to these dynamic environments and emerging threats.
  • BRKSEC-2011 – DIY Professional Grade Threat Intelligence
    Jeff Shipley, Manager SIO
    This session will cover the how-to on the complete cycle of threat intelligence from defining requirements, collection, analysis, and reporting to make the most of your existing data and open source intelligence, based on the Cisco SIO practices used to provide threat intelligence internally and to our partners and customers.
  • BRKSEC-2014 – Identifying and Mitigating Network Threats
    John Stuppi – Incident Manager
    This session focuses on detecting and preventing targeted threats within enterprise networks. Threats have developed into complex entities which elevate the risk they pose. Enterprise network operators need to increase their focus on early detection of targeted and day-zero threats. This session provides strategies that will enable participants to make full use of their existing network infrastructure to identify and defend against complex threats. Participants will learn best practices and techniques to help harden their network, as well as to aid in the detection, classification, and mitigation of targeted network attacks using multiple information sources, including NetFlow, packet captures, and other network device features. Some examples of these techniques will be provided through the use of a case study.
  • BRKSEC-3050 Troubleshooting Remote Access SSL VPN in BYOD Scenarios
    Omar Santos, Incident Manager
    In this session, you will learn numerous tips and best practices when troubleshooting problems related to SSL VPN and Secure Mobility. This session is designed for networking and security professionals who have deployed or are planning to deploy remote access SSL VPN solutions.

You can register and find all the information at Cisco Live Orlando and follow Cisco Live on Twitter, Facebook , Google+, LinkedIn and Flickr for the latest updates and information on upcoming events. You can also access the free content from previous Cisco Live presentations at CiscoLive365.

Add us to your Cisco Live Orlando schedule, and we’ll see you there!


Jeff Shipley

Manager, IntelliShield

Security Intelligence Operations