Carter Cromwell

Global Analyst Relations Manager

Corporate Communications

Carter Cromwell is a global analyst relations manager at Cisco. Based in Silicon Valley, he is responsible for AR for service provider routing & switching and service provider mobility/Mobile Internet. During his high-tech career, Carter has worked in media relations, analyst relations and marketing communications, as well as other related areas. He has international experience, having done stints in Asia in two previous lives.


February 5, 2013


May I Borrow a Cup of WiFi?

  At one time, a knock on the door was from a friend or neighbor looking to borrow some sugar or the hedge trimmer. Today, more often than not, that...

January 22, 2013


WiFi All Around Us

1 min read

The visibility and importance of service provider WiFi solutions have grown tremendously in the last year or so, based on a growing realization of the benefits.  And it’s not just for offload.   WiFi is a valuable tool in helping operators optimize their networks, monetize various applications, and handle the explosion in devices people use to […]

December 10, 2012


Deutsche Telkom, Telefonica Move on IP NGNs From Cisco

1 min read

Recent Cisco news highlights two prominent service providers – Deutsche Telekom and Telefonica – who have chosen Cisco IP Next-Generation Network solutions. Deutsche Telekom subsidiary Hrvatski Telekom – Croatia’s largest telecommunications company – is using Cisco solutions in its new TeraStream cloud-enabled IP architecture. Key elements include all-IPv6 streamlined routing architecture; fully converged IP and […]

November 13, 2012


Cisco IBSG Research – What Mobile Users Want from WiFi

1 min read

Once upon a time – one not so long ago – mobile devices were primarily used by upper-level executives.   That model is now turned on its head, as mobile devices seem as common among employees as shoes and socks.   Smartphones, tablets, and new hybrid devices provide access to critical information and improve the way […]

November 8, 2012


WiFi Momentum Continues — WBA Holds Global Summit

1 min read

Just concluding today is the WiFi Global Summit in San Francisco, hosted by the Wireless Broadband Alliance. Billed as the world’s largest carrier-grade WiFi event, the Summit was...