Digital transformation has come of age across nearly every industry, and expectations have changed forever. For today’s digital businesses, delivering a smooth, engaging experience comes first. In a recent Cisco AppDynamics survey, 68% of people stated it’s actually disrespectful to users for brands to offer a poor digital experience.

Optimizing the experience requires context and insights

Modern applications no longer reside on-premises in the data center. They extend to cloud-native and hybrid cloud architectures, based on massively decentralized services—a complex, fast-changing environment. The tools and expertise you need to operate these environments are scattered and siloed, too.

In a recent webinar on “Secure, Always-On & Exceptional Experiences with Full-Stack Observability,” Carlos Pereira, Cisco Fellow and Chief Architect, discussed how we can move beyond the limitations of traditional domain monitoring and visibility, to help teams focus on delivering the best-possible customer experience.

An evolution in business visibility

Full-stack observability is a natural evolution that lets you address the real problem that exists today: gathering information and context across domains, correlating it, and generating insights into how they influence one another. It transforms siloed data into actionable business insights by gathering and correlating telemetry across the technology stack in the multi-cloud environment. These insights empower operation teams to effectively deliver and optimize customer experiences.

Cisco’s approach to full-stack observability is based on three key pillars:

  • Full-stack visibility helps your operation teams to gather, unify, and correlate data across the technology stack in the multi-cloud environment.
  • Full-stack insights gives your operation teams contextual insights across the multicloud technology so they can quickly prioritize, isolate, and remediate issues.
  • Full-stack actions observes insights over time, recommends prioritized remediations, and uses automation to address them.

Unlocking business outcomes

Why should we care about full-stack observability, and why now? By helping correlate performance and the user experience to business results, it sets the stage for powerful business outcomes:

  • Improved performance — The impact that impoved performance will have on business processes is revealed when correlating all these domains from a full-stack lens.
  • Increased efficiencies — Full-stack observability also helps organizations optimize their environments more effectively, providing the context needed to better map costs and efficiency across domains.
  • Better security — Finally, it helps organizations better secure their environments, moving beyond firewalls and cloud security to focus on applications and runtime security.

With Cisco solutions, you can take advantage of our deep expertise across the full technology stack, from infrastructure, network, storage security and applications.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn about our latest Cisco Full-Stack Observability innovations:

Extend your observability with the Cisco Full-Stack Observability Platform



Frank Lynn

Manager, Cisco Applications Marketing

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