If data is the fuel for the digital economy, then analytics is the engine that is driving new business insights and outcomes

Today, everyone is talking about digital and how we think about business. Our hyper-connected world requires sensing what is happening across your network, and taking timely, informed action based on the insights you uncover.

Imagine a world where….

  • Your smart phone shows you the nearest free parking space and covers your parking fees …
  • Your smart utility meter automatically alerts you when your home consumes more power than your monthly average…
  • A virtual personal shopper offers suggestions on an in-store kiosk, based on your personal preferences…

This transformation requires a new approach to analytics and automation that goes beyond connecting things to connecting highly distributed applications, data and devices.

For example, Pfizer needed a way to shorten the drug development cycle and get vital information to researchers and managers, while maintaining data integrity and security.

With the help of Cisco Data Virtualization, Pfizer’s Research Scientists have quicker access to data across boundaries, reducing total development time in half from 3-4 months to 6-8 weeks.

A drag-and-drop user interface makes it easier for scientists to get and use the data they need, with an integrated view and built-in security.

This new approach saw data quality improve while operational infrastructure costs came down.

Cisco’s analytics and automation software platforms go beyond this pharmaceutical example to benefit other industries, from energy management and manufacturing to sports and entertainment.

Our platforms help simplify today’s hyper-connected world – enabling you to:

  • Bring together and analyze today’s distributed data
  • Coordinate processes and services across your network
  • Deliver personalized and engaging user interactions and experiences


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Gino Palozzi

Marketing Manager

Analytics & Automation Platforms