Data continues to explode and is becoming increasingly important to achieve business success.  Companies rely on their data to make them smarter, more productive, and better decision makers. Advances in data management, business intelligence and analytics have improved organizational performance, but with data growing everywhere, it is becoming harder to get to the data and act on it quickly.

With more data comes more expectations. Employees, customers, and partners expect more service, speed, and personalization. As a result, there is pressure on IT to deliver the right data (from multiple systems, locations, and sources), to the right person at the right time.

Speaking from my own experience as a marketer, I know my own expectations for data and analysis have gone through the roof. Over the course of my career, marketing has evolved from an art to much more of a science. Today, I continuously challenge my team to prove that something is working or that our strategies are grounded in data and not just opinion.

And it’s not just marketing. All disciplines across every industry are struggling to keep pace with the growing data demands of their employees, customers and partners. The most common request we hear from our customers is to share examples of how organizations are using their data in new ways. So, we decided to share 10 case studies across 10 industries in hopes of inspiring you to see your data challenges as an opportunity.

Join us on Wednesday, April 27th, for a 45-minute webinar, “10 Ways to Solve Your Data Challenges.”

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Gino Palozzi

Marketing Manager

Analytics & Automation Platforms