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Making Voice History with the 1 Millionth Shipment of Cisco’s IP Phone 7800 Series

LAQ95005_rev4We’ve had an exciting year across the Collaboration portfolio, particularly as it relates to our endpoint products. Just one proof point: We shipped our 1 millionth 7800 Series IP phone last month, less than one year since its launch. A million units is not just a major milestone, but it’s the fastest ramp-up we have ever experienced for a new IP phone. And we’ve been shipping IP phones for more than 15 years.

But what’s even more exciting to me is how our technology is helping people. As adoption of voice and video collaboration technology continues, we’re evolving our portfolio to provide the flexibility and choice they need.  Read More »

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Clouds Gathered During Cisco Event: A Good Thing??

During this time of year, many people look to clouds to help predict any impact the weather will have on their event.

Indeed, this past week here at Cisco, we did exactly that.  Rather than hoping clouds would dissipate and be nonexistent, we sought the exact opposite:  we wanted clouds to come together from around the world to pull off a unique experience for our customers, employees and influencers as part of our global announcement of CloudVerse.

Not content to follow the industry norm for webcasts (executive presentation, customer interview, canned demo, etc), we set out to have our entire launch event be a strong proof point for how organizations can bring together people and resources in a World of Many Clouds.

So how did we do?  To the relief of many, it was a huge success.  We managed to pull off something that no other organization has done before:  we took a live public webcast and bridged it to our live HD video internal company meeting.  This bridge allowed participants on both sides of the firewall to experience how people and resources will come together to collaborate in real time from any location on any device.

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30 Millionth Cisco IP Phone!!

When Cisco led the voice industry into the world of Voice over Internet Protocol (Voice over IP, VoIP) in 1998, we knew the power and scope of these devices.  We believed that VoIP technology would have a major impact on worldwide business communications.

Now 12 years later, we’ve come a long way since Cisco’s first Unified IP phones, the SP30 and SP12.  Cisco recently shipped its 30 millionth IP phone to one of the world’s largest financial institutions: HSBC.

HSBC fundamentally understands that basic dial tone is table stakes. IP phones have evolved beyond voice to connect people with video technology, and act as interfaces to networked applications, services and content. They are part of a new collaboration experience that is rich, integrated, mobile, and often virtualized.

New means of access beyond phones have evolved, and now users switch seamlessly between their desk and mobile phone, connect through tablet devices, and join video and TelePresence conferences through a broad range of interoperating solutions.

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