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Start your Innovation Engine: Cisco I-Prize Returns!

We’re thrilled to announce that Cisco is launching its second global I-Prize competition. Building on the tremendous interest we garnered the last go around, we are calling all innovators, entrepreneurs, technologists and free thinkers to help us identify the next big idea! The new I-Prize is very similar to the first one – a global competition open to all, an opportunity to interact and collaborate with like-minded innovators around…


Tony Bates discusses Innovation at Cisco as Patents Received Rise 30%

…on patents issued during 2009. The data revealed that Cisco is maintaining an incredible run of innovation that has seen the number of patents secured by the company increase six fold in the past decade, and by more than any other major technology company during the past year. In 2001 Cisco secured 163 patents, but fueled by an investment in R&D that has been above 10% of company revenues for a decade, tha…


The Next Generation Collaborative Enterprise

…ext generation enterprise. These include: a geographically distributed workforce; the innate ability to embrace innovation both inside and outside the organization’s boundaries; flexibility in business processes to include customers, suppliers and partners; and perhaps most important, a culture of openness and shared ideas. Yes, I am talking here about the Next Generation Collaborative Enterprise (NGCE). By the way, it is important to poin…


Cisco’s Globalisation Centre East Turns Two”>Smart+Connected

…d the responsibility of redefining the way the company does business on a global scale. Up to a few years ago, innovation followed a traditional west-to-east direction. The formula was simple. The ‘West’ comes up with the idea, builds a prototype, sends the blue print to the ‘East’ to turn it into a product and goes back to the ‘West’ for consumption. With Cisco’s Globalisation Centre East, we aimed to r…


Cisco Networks And The Three Blind Myths! Myth #3: Choice

…he network operator – Network Options, Open Standards, Support Resources, Partner Solutions, and Business Innovation. Network Options Does buying Cisco limit your options in network design? In product selection? In IT plans? Ask a Cisco customer about choice. Most often, they will cite that they have too many choices to make – not too few. Routers. Switches. Wireless. Security. Application acceleration. Unified Communications. TelePr…