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A Brief History of Set-Top Box Innovation

…IP gateways, I’d like to provide some industrial context. As a company involved in set-top and IP gateway innovation for almost half a century, we certainly have an informed viewpoint. After all, set-top boxes are a core part of our video DNA. Let’s briefly review the innovation chronology for the cable set-top box. The original function of a set-top box - back when they were called “converter boxes,” in the early 19…


Driving Partner Innovation with Borderless Networks

The concept of a truly Borderless Network that allows you to securely connect to anyone, anywhere, at anytime has been just that: a concept. That is, until today’s news that brings along a host of Borderless Networks solutions to make this idea a reality. These new network services, solutions, and programs being introduced today bring the flexibility and security to help your customers truly think — and work — outside the box…


Innovation, Standards, Experience

Cisco Intercompany Media Engine….the first time companies can conduct secure, high-quality, voice and video telephone calls across the internet — using their existing telephone numbers — without the need to re-provision or replace currently deployed infrastructure…


Cisco’s Long Tradition of Routing & Switching Innovation

The Cisco name has long been synonymous with attaining the highest degree of proven expertise in the realm of Routing and Switching technology. From quite literally the first router to the 7200 and 12000 to the more recent ASR 1000 and ASR 9000 platforms, Cisco focused on and delivered ground-breaking innovation. And I believe we did it again this week with the introduction of the CRS-3 – what we believe will be the foundation of the Next…


Cisco Borderless Networks: Innovation is Everywhere

Learn how Cisco is building Borderless Networks with hardware, software and services to support innovation in all areas of your organization.  Join us on March 17th for a live, interactive, online event showcasing Borderless Access solutions from Cisco. Cisco executive speakers will include: John Chambers, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Padmasree Warrior, Chief Technology Officer Tony Bates, Senior Vice President and General…