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Innovating In a Fragile Economy

…Vice President at the Yankee Group. I’ve known Zeus for a while and he’s usually at the epicenter of innovation. During a typical Network-related conversation he made some comments on innovation and the economy that I thought had a broader applicability across multiple businesses and had a common-sense approach. He postulated that in a down market economy, it is easy for an IT department to overly focus on cost savings, or even do not…


Public Services Summit

…st week in an event organised by Cisco and the City of Stockholm. The theme this year was”Sustainability, Innovation and Inclusion.” The summit is specifically targeted at senior policy advisors and key decision-makers in education, healthcare and government and focuses on ways the internet and networking technologies can change the way you do business. A recurrent theme at the event was how to enable innovation in large organisatio…


Collaboration : A Top Down Process!

My prior blog entry,”Teams of Rivals“, explored how the triptych of process, culture and technology must come together to enable a productive, innovative collaborative working environment. In this post, I want to offer an integral, related variable to the collaborative management equation: the role of the CEO and top management in fostering an effective participatory work environment.The road to collaboration is a journey. But it i…


“Think Smart” Team Leaders Drive Innovation via Web 2.0 Online Collaboration

By June Bower, vice president of marketing, Cisco Collaboration Software GroupLast week I called a long time friend and business associate to tell her the news: my 15 year old son had broken his pelvis playing soccer at school. She picked up on the first ring and before I could get a word in she said,”I can’t believe Noah broke his pelvis. What a bummer.” How did she know this about my son, and only the day after it happened?We…


Innovation without Boundaries

Any company no matter how big it grows needs to be humble enough to constantly seek and nurture new ideas both from within and outside — to stay nimble, to remain competitive and to deliver continued value to its customers, partners and employees. Cisco is no exception. As we build upon our traditional areas of expertise, and embrace new ones -it is our constant endeavor to collaborate and learn, and make the vision of the Human Network Effect…