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The Smart City Council – Accelerating an Exciting Growth

…proach and manage these types of situations. Driven by Cisco’s vision for the Internet of Everything (IoE), our Smart+Connected Communities program supports the integration of intelligent networking technologies to connect cities and help leaders address these challenges. However, we fully understand that this is not a one-shot solution. The transformation of cities not only requires relevant technologies and a change in the way we think, but als…


Securing the Internet of Everything: An Introduction

…unicate with one another. ▪ A Unique Location— can be fixed or mobile—within a network or system for example, a smart electricity grid) that makes sense of the object’s function and purpose in its specified environment, generating intelligence to enable autonomous actions in line with that purpose. ▪ An Increase in Machine-Generated and Machine-Processed Information that will surpass human- processed information, potentially linking in with othe…


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Weird? Or Previously Unexplored?″

…ail has been delivered, and recipients could see what is in their mailboxes without physically having to check. Smart grid – Imagine a world where electric vehicles dominate transportation. To ensure that enough power is supplied to vehicle charging stations during major events that attract large audiences, multiple devices must be connected, with the ability to communicate where to send that power. Take, for example, a concert or major sporting…


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Cloud for Local Government Global Blog Series, Cloud and the Smart City: It’s All Connected”

…Automated. Hands-off processes allow for greater cost efficiency. Secure. Layers of defense throughout a cloud grid will assure service reliability, prevent outages, and protect citizens. The result is an intelligent, integrated cloud infrastructure that is pivotal to a Smart City’s evolution. Some amazing technology advances are making it possible for complex systems to be managed—and self-managed—remotely and efficiently. A flood of recently…


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Making Lives Easier, One Drop at a Time

…e notified that water is on its way, they can run home to collect it, and then get back to their lives. A Human Smart Grid NextDrop knows that, while the SMS alerts are helpful, they can’t address the underlying issues that create unreliability in the water system—scarcity of water at different times of year and an aging and underpowered distribution system that can’t keep pace with demand. Even here though, NextDrop is seeking to make a differen…


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