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Making Lives Easier, One Drop at a Time

…re notified that water is on its way, they can run home to collect it, and then get back to their lives. A Human Smart Grid NextDrop knows that, while the SMS alerts are helpful, they can’t address the underlying issues that create unreliability in the water system—scarcity of water at different times of year and an aging and underpowered distribution system that can’t keep pace with demand. Even here though, NextDrop is seeking to make a differe…


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Cisco Connected Grid Update

…force Enablement solution. These three new solutions will help utilities modernize, manage, and improve everyday grid operations. All of this ties together with Cisco’s vision for the Internet of Everything. The network will be a crucial part for utilities to improve communication, enabling devices, and intelligent data which triggers smarter and more efficient decisions in the operations and management portion of the grid. I would also like to h…


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Cisco Smart Grid Team Supports Wi-SUN Alliance to Drive Interoperability

Cisco’s Smart Grid Team is excited to support the Wireless Smart Utility Network Alliance (Wi-SUN). Lionel Chocron, vice president and general manager of Cisco’s Connected Energy Networks Business, will be representing Cisco on the Wi-Sun board of directors. Cisco will be joining at the promoter level and the entire team is looking forward to helping drive the development of interoperable Field Area Networks (FAN) for utility applications. Field…


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Internet of Everything in Action: Today and Tomorrow #IoE

…hem most. Located at bus stops, train stations, major entryways, shopping malls, and sports facilities, City24/7 Smart Screens incorporate touch, voice, and audio technology to deliver a wide array of hyper-local (about two square city blocks) information, services, and offerings in real time. The Smart Screens can also be accessed via Wi-Fi on nearby smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers. The overarching goals of the City24/7 Smart Screens…


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Real-World M2M—and a Real-World Mobile Data Challenge

…ell networks, thus reducing deployment costs for the utility and saving energy for the planet. At the same time, smarter grids enable customers to better manage their own energy usage. One recent Smart Grid example is Qualcomm’s work with Duke Energy, the largest electric power holding company in the United States. The success of this collaboration has enabled Duke Energy to install hundreds of thousands of communications nodes, which interface…


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