Albert Garcia

Public Sector Broadband Lead

US Public Sector

Albert Garcia has been with Cisco since July 1999 and is currently the Broadband Lead in the US Public Sector Organization. Albert is passionate about the mission of government to serve, educate, and protect their constituents. For nearly a quarter of a century, Albert has work with educators and governments to leverage technology to better serve their constituents. Broadband offers more than just connectivity but an opportunity better economic livelihood, access to more affordable education and healthcare, and the ability to access world resources. In this role, Albert is dedicated to leading the acceleration of solutions that our public sector customers are looking for to solve the digital divide. Major technology trends such as 5G, Long Haul Wireless, Routed Optical and other technologies offer new paradigm for our customers to meet the growing demand of their constituents. Prior to this role, Albert has lead teams in various sales, engineering, and operations roles to service our Public Sector customers. Albert resides in New York City where he enjoys staying connected to family and friends and enjoying new restaurants, concerts, and traveling.


July 10, 2023


Going the “Middle Mile” to Transform Infrastructure

3 min read

With $930 million just awarded to middle mile providers for the expansion of broadband, Cisco's Albert Garcia reveals the two keys to making middle mile work in your community.